Friday, November 05, 2010

Lifeforce Gangs and Crime Prevention Comic Book

AVAILABLE NOW: Lifeforce Gangs and Crime Prevention Comic Book

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STOP THE VIOLENCE! Lifeforce Comics: Gang and Crime Prevention Comic Book

In the latest Lifeforce comic book, the adventure continues as five super-powered teenagers - Lightning Bolt, fearless leader and possessor of electricity, Firestone - dynamic fiery warrior, Counterstrike - crimefighter with ability to reverse any attack, Reactor - armor-clad powerhouse and Lightspeed - energy-powered super-speedster - must stop the plague of violence and the threat of Agent Gangster, a villain who recruits teens to do his violent bidding. - 16 pages; magazine size; $3.00

The Lifeforce: Gang and Crime Prevention comic book edition is magazine size with color cover and 16 b/w interior pages. It features Gang and Crime Prevention contact information and sources on the backcover.


Gang Prevention "Get Kids Involved In Activities" New York Police Commissioner David E Chong

James Johnson NYPD officer - Teaches Gang Prevention - Saves Youth - TV Interview - WNBC New York

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