Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bullying and Harassment Prevention Comic Book

AVAILABLE NOW: Bullying and Harassment Prevention Comic Book

Price: $2.99
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With the rise of Bullying and Harassment among teens and adolescents and the suicides that have claimed those bullied, Lifeforce comics addresses the issue in this special comic book.

Five super-powered teenagers - Lightning Bolt, fearless leader and possessor of electricity, Firestone - dynamic fiery warrior, Counterstrike - crimefighter with ability to reverse any attack, Reactor - armor-clad powerhouse and Lightspeed - energy-powered super-speedster - must stop Agent: Bully from terrorizing today’s youth and using his power to influence others to do the same.

Will the Lifeforce team succeed? And who among them was once a victim of Agent: Bully as a child?

This edition is magazine size with color cover and 16 b/w interior pages; $3.00. It features Bullying and Harassment Prevention contact information and sources on the backcover.

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