Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lifeforce: AIDS Awareness and Prevention Comic Book

AVAILABLE NOW: Lifeforce AIDS Awareness and Prevention Comic Book



AIDS Awareness and Prevention Comic Book - Lifeforce Comics

In the latest Lifeforce comic book, the adventure continues as five super-powered teenagers - Lightning Bolt, fearless leader and possessor of electricity, Firestone - dynamic fiery warrior, Counterstrike - crimefighter with ability to reverse any attack, Reactor - armor-clad powerhouse and Lightspeed - energy-powered super-speedster - must stand against the threat of Agent AIDS, the villainous embodiment of the deadly disease that's has plagued the world for decades. - 16 pages; magazine size; $3.00

In the process of the adventure, information about the disease and its dangers are featured. Beginning with a brief look at each hero just before they face off with a boasting Agent AIDS trying to take over the world, Lifeforce make their presence known. Afterwards, they must use teamwork carefully or face defeat.
Can this team of teen heroes overcome the power of Agent AIDS or, at least, this time? And who is the mysterious Captain Life and what is his connection to the team? Is he friend or foe?

Lifeforce: AIDS AWARENESS AND PREVENTION edition is a landmark in the comic book series whose goal is to both educate and entertain. This edition comes in both magazine and digest sizes with color cover and 16 b/w interior pages. Also features U.S. State-by-State AIDS Awareness and Prevention contact information and resources on the backcover. An excellent graphic novel/comic book series for Schools, Libraries, Community Centers and Health Facilities.


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